Lauren and Tim

                              Our Story

A Pirate and a Ninja,
A dog person & a cat person,
I guess opposites DO attract...

The Story:
     Way back in our freshman year of college, the very first quarter, we met in our calculus 124 class.  I actually sat in the seat in front of Tim and David, new friends in the dorms, and new friends of my high school friend Pam, who also came to UW.  We can't say it was love at first site - it was more, 'hey Tim looks like Pam's type'.  Turns out he was not - but my friend Pam and Tim tried it anyway.  Tim, David, Pam and I spent a lot of time together, along with others, and after Tim and Pam parted, Tim came and talked with me quite a bit.  We started dating around Valentines Day  2003, and the rest is history.  Pam got a happy ending, she married a really great guy name Jon this past August.  David met his love his Sophomore year - Christine or, Xtine as I call her in my blogs, they got married July 2005.  Now, Tim and I will get hitched, next June!

The Proposal (links to the old blog)

Lauren's quick Profile:  (if you have no idea who Lauren is)
3 months older than Tim (exactly)
Graduated from UW with an Oceanography degree, now going to URI for a masters in the same field.
I'm a Physical Oceanographer (think waves, tides, the water itself)
Crazy life goal: send Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) to Europa or Encelidous.

Tim's quick Profile:
3 months younger than Lauren (exactly)
Graduated from UW with an Applied Computational and Mathematical Sciences degree (ACMS) with an economics focus.  Now he is working for a hurricane prediction company in RI called Accurate Environmental Forecasting.
He works to better their model with his MATLAB skills, helps them with processing contracts, is the "Office Acquisition Specialist", is in charge of backing up and archiving old data, keeping the sodas cold, and generally anything else they can think of (he is the new guy).
Crazy life goal: design and build new and exciting gismos. (it doesn't sound that crazy to me)

We share a passion of standing very still, impersonating statues.  Really its amazing we met at all, since it was only chance that we were facing each other while posing one day.  Seriously... look at us.  We're awesome at impersonating statues!  Yup.  Now we're going to get married, and together we will spawn the most perfect mimes the world has ever seen.  You all know what that means: no crying babies.  Heh, mimes.  They don't talk.


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