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Enjoy each day to the fullest.  Be Patient and tolerant with each other and have a happy loving life. - Nana

compromise, communicate & have fun - Beth Sato

Never go to bed angry! - Jensens

At most sell only ONE of your kidneys - Leslie

Don't build a forge out of a coffee can, it will only lead to disaster - Ken

When you disagree, each compromise your position by 95%, at which point you will most likely meet halfway! - Ray Smith

compromise, communicate be patient and smile! - Beth Greenberger

Rub each other feet as often as possible - Christian

Enjoy & help each other - and be happy! - Mitsuhiro

Just like any adventure marriage has its curves, its ups, its downs, its surprises.  Take them all in stride and grow and learn together.  The result of getting through the obstacles is very rewarding. - Yeider

get a dog - Phippards

Keep and open heart.  Love more than each other. - from Steven & Polly

Be happy! - Chrissy

just breath - the Lucchinis

Always kiss each other goodnight; listen; Tim always take Lauren's side - Jill

Communicating is one of the best things you can do to keep your marriage strong.  Also, be sure to always budget some time for just the two of you, even when things get busy in careers/outside life.  (it is surprising how hard that can be sometimes!) - Anna

Save as much money as you can now, so you can buy a house later... - Pam

A 401(K) and an IRA is your friend.  Subaru's rock! - Carrie

WHOOO HOO!!!!! Let the celebrations BEGIN!!!! well, they probably already have...
all the best,


Tim lied. He told me the wedding was going to be in Antarctica and that I was supposed to look for it until I found it, and if I didn't find it, I should keep looking. BAH! Now that I have found the truth, I shall crash this party good! Haha. Just kidding. SO happy for you guys. =) I can't wait. Hmm is it ok to sign the wedding guestbook thingie before the wedding? Oh well. Ameh smashes the submit button at risk of dishonoring her family name. DX

Hey Chica! Hope you're doing well and settling in. Let me know when/if you need some planning help.


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