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2003/2004 school year


The front (Tiff & Xtine)
Rebecca & me
Me & Marta
On our way out
Nat: "Oh... that looks really good"
...and then they all rejoiced.
Tim about to smash someone.

And that someone checking Tim out??
Making it to round 2!!
Me about to send Xtine - buahaha
David after he wins round 2
Tim from his high vantage point
Man... why did he wear that wife beater shirt...
Me at URS
My poster (WHY is it still not working...?  It isn't green...)
The weight of 8 envelopes

or:   The burden of being nerdy...
"almost halfway"
3.5 hours later
The crazy hair club:
Seelye aka, "winch boy"
(hey, HE gave himself the nickname)
The wave pattern
all gone??
The Assassins...
Building the perfect trap
The spinning wheel of death
Going out hunting
Painting eggs
Painting L-eggs
...and eating them!
Me & my CTD
Hangin out on the fantail
Sunset in the Puget Sound
View of the Thompson from the fantail
Seelye (My advisor) holding the line
Aileen > Me > Tiff
End of the cruise picture
Finally having our spring break on the ferry ride back
The road trip crew
Tim > Kellen > David > Xtine
Boys chillin
David & Xtine at the Winchester Mystery House
Jelly Belly ride...
"Bad to the bean!"
Tired already??
Golden Gate Bridge
Xtine and her monkeys...
What is road trip without a flat??
End of the quarter projects (cruise planning)
Xtine's neuron...
...and that insanity that ensued...
...and then the violence
Xtine trying to blow out candles
it was good... it just doesn't look it
Team 6
Final rounds for the teams
Awards ceremony
Painting blue squares
Resultant blue fingers
making a mosaic
Xtine's > Tim's
mine > David's
Pam being pleased with herself for helping plan the party
Look at that candle...
(it was amazing we had one)
Tim being timid after I find out he was faking a tummy ache to get me home to the party, and Jon laughing
Tree in fire pit
Trying to light tree on fire - WAY harder than it should have been
The tree consumed in FLAME!!!
...all the leaves burned off  (success?)
Tim trying to coax a silly Green Lake squirrel, and Leslie showing him how it is done.
Tim becomes absurdly jealous and pushes Leslie in to the lake... OF DOOM!
*Burninating the country side!*
Poor poor Christmas tree...
all gone!
The P's (and Grunt) after a sucessful burn
Our Christmas presents this year:
Cookie Trees!
Hangin with Crim (& Mom Steff)
Papa stocking the fire
and Leslie... helping him
Mama and her Forest Face
(aka forest feces)
Papa, Ugh, and Bev eating at the Christmas eve party


The wall flower
(Papa <3 )


Picking presents Xmass morning


The carnage
Christmas picture


the fun Christmas picture


Curry women at tea


*Hurry up, I need to pee!*


Gingerbread house making with the family

workin on the houses (check out our table of goodies)
Later that day, makin houses with the friends
The Primary color boys (Klein>Tim>David) watching football
(present from grandparents - he says thanks)
On the climbing wall
building the table to stick the Christmas tree on
The Christmas tree
Tim looking cute on the field
Xtine Sending the red person
The Group when it was way behind me.
People standing at the bottom of the hill trying to get through the second to last wicket.
Trying out the swimming suits
The Circulation Group (but no Ben)
The front of the Thompson
Calculating distances between stations
Sutor Core (yum!!)
Deploying the CTD in the rain...
and liking it.
The CTD goes up
Taking a core at sunset
People standing around a fire
David and Xtine
the Trogdor Xtine carved
Me and my baby tree
a close up
Robot-dogs playing soccer
Tim touching brains
The crowd
(We had to sit in the WAAAAY BACK)
Bill Gates III speaks to the UW crowd
David trying to eat himself, Christine being scared, and I'm completely  ignorant (and I can tell you - it is bliss)
In the leaves
cool tree
us on a walk
Mr. September
(more on this later)
Tim's high score!
(why he is not studding, I don't know)
Xtine working on her Turtle
Tim taking over for me (my fingers hurt)
ahh, look at that mess :-D
Tim's monkey
Xtine's set of turtles
Boats at the dock
Xtine & David
Tim next to the main sail
the AWESOME boat
we so want to pirate it :-D