old   baby

2003/2004 school year

the inside of the glider
pre-flight testing
"deck dive"
so... sexy...
holding on for dear life...
(to the boat so I don't fall in,
and to the glider so it doesn't run away)
Playing in the watering hole
We watched crazy people slide down this...
Overview of potential wedding spot
area where people will sit
(view from the back)
The steps down to the "secluded cove"
Steps to the "stage"
View of the seating area from the "stage"
Sasha and I found a hammock
The Atlantis
(sister ship)
Chris finding the hammock
Ballard Locks
more Ballard Locks
Donning the survival suits
Tiff > me > Ileana
the night crew
Setting up the Rosette
sending the Rosette over the edge
Sunset a job well done
admiring the Colombia river
catching Chris sleeping (again)
My computer / office area
The totally awesome computer I helped build
Tim on a bridge walking up to Barclay lake
The Barclay River
Tim in front of the mountain
The Lake
My boat :-D
2004 First robot
Mom's tea table setting
Holly>Anne> Cea>Kate>Avi at tea
Leslie with her plane :-D
The best kind of headgear.
Leslie flying her plane.
This just looked cool  (UW pillars)
Tim and Rob with the finished Trebuchet
Pam and CJ being silly
Lake Wenatchee
On an outing at a Dam
We are under an old turbine
Starting the RV camping with the parents
Picking up Leslie and Amanda
Feeding Mom her slightly early birthday cake
Getting ready for the rain
First sight of sunlight:
The WEIRD trees (a bunch had root systems in old trees and 8 feet out of the ground)
Beverly Beach
Pam taking her first sips  (Strawberry Margarita)
Pam and Jon
Chillin at the Cheese Cake Factory
The way Suzzallo looked in the morning:
After being locked out of Suzzallo
("Quad" with cherry trees)
WHAT KIND OF TREE IS THIS???  (oh... Magnolia, thank you Xtine)
Studying in Suzzallo
The way Suzzallo looked after studying for 6 hours:

Our Field
Xtine attempting a new style of croquet
Me using other methods to win (on Owen)
Greek Row
Me totally scoring...

Happy Xtine on a walk
David and Xtine watching the river
The group heading down to Tim's house
Tim rock skipping
The starting line up
The race for the ball (David winning)
Passing it around
hot potato anyone?
...and she scores!!

Lauren Takes her first sips (Strawberry Daiquiri)
The Boys  L>R:
 Jon, David, Tim<3, n Casey
Eating at RR
Casey>Xtine>Davie>Tim>Pam and Jon
Receiving ice cream (and song)
The snow at Leslie's house
Snowball fight in the HUB Lawn (UW)
Tim and Casey making snow angles
Xtine and Lauren Sledding
Lauren feeling at home :-D
Tea at the Captain Cook
Curry Women
Leslie, Lauren and Marie
Marie and Lauren
Leslie and Lauren hitting on strange men
Westy and Kate
Kate with hat
Cea and Kate
So many Currys!!
Lauren Cea and Leslie
Papa and Legos
Leslie and Chrissie
Leslie and Mama
Leslie and Grunt
The Horn Family
Leslie giving Lauren a ride
Our TREE!!
LC2 Making Gingerbread Houses
At Leslie's house for T-day
hanging out with Leslie's friends...
Carving the Turkey
uhh... did we even make a DENT? Not really... so much food