Pam and Jon's Wedding
and other events
August 19th, 2006


Hanging with Friends (Arriving in Seattle)

Chillin with Carrie and Anna at Starbucks


Anna with Green Lake in the Background


Emerald & Arianna


Rebecca & (meet the Boyfriend: ) James

They played for me

They are really good...


Bridal Shower

The Crowd

Thank Carrie for the Patron

Showing off the latest fashions

the Mums

Bridal Thong...

more... stuff

The Girls


Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner

Natalie kissing Pam's Hand

The Vimen

Yuya, Jon's bro (Adam) &  Hailey

Pam's Dad with the new in-laws

Jon struggling?

Practicing the Reading

Want to get Married?

...Gather round

The Dad's directing traffic

Jon's Ps with Jon & Pam

The Men (w/ mum)

the pictures degrade

I know what they are thinking...



Last Minute Details

Pam's sib making Table Cards

(She likes coffee beans covered in chocolate)

Making Favors


The Wedding

Here she comes



Carrie, Me, & CJ


The Reception

Anna & Keith
(Now Married just over a year)

Jon & his friends serenading Pam

Cake cutting

Cake Feeding

First Dance


All the Girls!!
(Hasn't happened since High School)




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