Oceans 2006      
Cardigan Camping Boat Burning Alaska State Fair Living on the East Coast
Visiting the Luchinni's Pettaquamscutt Rock Stake Fry Moving In
2006 Summer Pictures
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Oceans 2006
Boston - 20th September

The Main Exhibit Hall Some sweeeet vehicles
The View of Boston The Gala at the
Boston Museum of Science
Kelsey & me A pod racer at the Gala


Climbing Mount Cardigan & Firescrew

Waking up after camping morning fire taking a break on the climb up a touch of fall Anna-Marie took a picture of ANYTHING that was red Snacking
Almost to the top The Fire tower us The view Cardigan from the top of Firescrew Do we go that way?
Climbing down Cute! Not so cute - but cool nonetheless The Grotto
New Englanders call this a trail. How are these trails?
I do not understand.


The Annual Boat Burning at GSO

The Sacrifice. Chillin before the sacrifice lighting the boat Speech on the boat
  Just beautiful us Watching the boat burn


The Alaska State Fair
24th of August

Ahh, the State Fair Me & Anna next to a calf IT WAS SO TINNY!!
I want a baby pigmy goat
Mama & Papa next to a cow *sigh*
'Fair Weather' means something different to Alaskans


Living on the East Coast
August 2006

The heat wave Costco rug Our lovely Couch (w/ cute guy) building the TV stand
  Big Lilly's Some scale  


Visiting the Luchinni's
August 5th & 6th

Purgatory Chasm the entrance
(I'm serious)
Tim in heaven 'Devil's Coffin' resting - with a view
Sara & Scott 'Fat Man's Misery' the tired 'puppy', Bailey Playing with swards more practice


Pettaquamscutt Rock
July,  2006

Pettaqulskdgmlskdfj rock
East coast and its weird names


Stake Fry
July 22nd,  2006

The neighborhood...
Beach thingy
Tim by the raffle/DJ us getting food the place at night


Moving In
July,  2006

Our House!! HELLO! Last box from the front from the back
ahhh... I'm not homeless anymore a little deck the computer room after throwing everything in there :) The rain!!! Tim's first day of work
fixing the computer room
(building shelves)
so much sawing
we need a table saw, yeah...
Framed *yeah*
mess from computer room is being organized
I got a hydrangea!