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Now to finally end the conflict:  Pirates vs. Ninjas which one is better?
This is a game designed by UW students and modeled after the "assassins" school wide game.
The Pirates have come the the shores of Japan in search of the hidden treasure guarded by the ninjas.  The ninjas carry parts of the map oh them, and when pirates "gang beat" a ninja they take a piece of the map.
The ninjas are determined to protect their sacred treasure by killing all the invading pirates.

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General Rules:

1. Any disputes are to be taken up with the head ninja or pirate.

2. Areas of pirate-ninja cohabitation are off limits to kills/gang-beatings, but not to infiltration.

3. Cohabitation areas must be registered at the start of the game.

4. Ninjas who have just killed a pirate have a grace period of ten minutes to get the names and leave.

Pirates and Ninjas:

Pirates have arrived off the shores of Japan are trying to steal the scared treasure of the ninjas for their greedy hordes.  The ninjas must try and protect the treasure by destroying these invading thieves.  Each ninja is given a piece of a treasure map to represent treasure.

Ninjas killing pirates:

Ninjas have the mission of assassination and must be given the name of the pirate they will kill. They cannot kill any sea rat.

If a ninja is seen by anyone in the act of killing your pirate, the kill does not count. Also if a pirate catches a ninja trying to kill them they cannot try an assassination attempt for at least 4 hours.

Ninjas can kill by stabbing (stickers), poison (salting food), or blowgun (spitball).

When a ninja assassinates a pirate they get 2 other pirate names from head ninja which they can then kill.  Dead pirates come back as ghost pirates.

Names can also be discovered by infiltrating a pirate’s place of occupation, four names will be posted on the inside of each pirate’s door.

Pirates gang-beating ninjas:

Pirates can steal ninja maps by “gang-beating” ninjas.

Pirates do not have to use stealth, and are encouraged to be vocal, wear "bling-bling" and be conspicuous.

“Gang-beating” ninjas is accomplished by having 3 pirates touch a ninja simultaneously.

If a ninja is gang-beaten by pirates, he/she is removed from the game for 24 hours. (The ninja is expected to recuperate)

Pirates cannot gang-beat a ninja if there is a ratio of more than 1 ninja  per 3 pirates, but 6 pirates is enough to attack any sized ninja group.

Pirates can attack any ninja or suspected ninja they see.

Two pirates touching a ninja subdues a ninja for 1 minute, then he has to be let go and cannot be re-subdued by the same pirates for 30 minutes.  A subdued ninja cannot struggle or stab to subdue the attacking pirates, they must remain still.

One of the three pirates has to say “Hand over your booty” or something of the like while all three pirates are touching the ninja. AT THIS TIME the ninja must give up the map piece that he/she is carrying.
punishment for not having the map piece:  If a ninja must give up your map piece, but you are not carrying it on your person you must commit seppuku.

When a ninja commits seppuku they are permanently removed from the game.

Ninja defense:

If you are being chased by pirates, you can subdue a pirate by sticking a sticker on the pirate

If a ninja sticks a sticker on a pirate during a struggle, the pirate is subdued for 30 minutes, and must keep the sticker on for that long. (stickers are encouraged to be gaudy)  It must be obvious that a ninja sticker-ed a pirate before two pirates subdue them for the defense to count.

Ghost pirates:

When a pirate is killed by a ninja, they become a ghost pirate.

Ghost pirates can only take part in the game between 10PM and 2AM.

If a single ghost pirate is touching a ninja, that ninja is subdued for 1 minute, and then must be let go.

Ghost pirates cannot be subdued or killed.

Ghost pirates cannot kill ninjas or count in the ratio.

Ghost pirates must have some obvious, easily seen marks that identify them as ghosts (i.e. “Ghost” written across forehead, really overly-done dark eyeliner, white sheet, etc.)