The Uber Climber Chess, Fruit, and Walks Ocean Sciences Conference Love em' or Leave em'
Camiya! Tea Tree Burning (New Years) Tim comes to AK
Winter Zoo Trip Family Christmas Picture Christmas Day Getting the Denlow Tree
2006 Winter Pictures
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Tim, The Uber Climber:
Pictures from the end of his winter quarter climbing spree  (March 10th)

using his length so hard looking... falling off Tim on top

Chess, Fruit, and Walks

David and Tim Playing Chess working on the fruit basket the most wonderful guy in the world,
in a pineapple.
The Fruit Basket On a walk around Campus
Stopping to smell the flowers...
(they smelled really good)

Ocean Sciences Conference, Honolulu (February 20-24)

view from my Hotel (and a sun rise over the conference center) the Conference Center the lil enterance the view from the top
Me presenting my view while presenting the OCEAN  *yeah* walking along the beach

Love em' or Leave em', February 12

Josh & Carrie Tim stretching Before During After we got shirts!



DA BABY Camiya Richelle Curry an awake lil one


Tea with Curry Women and Friends

Anna and I Dressed up The crowd at Tea


New Years (Better known as - TREE BURNING!)

OHHHHHHhhhhhh.... So nice Hanin out Someone being very upset about her proximity to the party
Liz > Mike > Leslie > Tim > Me Throwing in the last of the tree Together for New Years


Tim in AK

BBQn' Chopping wood *pop* TWINS! The Sledding Party
(at Kincaid)
Ready to slide!
Ready... Set... GO!... ...and they crash


Winter Zoo Trip

Zoo Time...
(but are we looking at the animals or are the animals looking at US?)
short people checkin out a caribou Keller & Leslie "The Kids" Look - we found a moose!!


Family Christmas Picture

The Family Picture The funny one!


Christmas Day

Christmas morning... Watching everything unravel at the GPs Carnage at the Curry house! Crazy...
Keller and Caden opening a present from the GPs Leslie Talking to Polly and Steve Scott and Kate (West & Avi's kids) My Nuclear family with my GPs


Getting the Denlow Tree

Where or where has my little tree gone... Choppin down the xmass tree!, eating the xmass tree Success! Burning extra trees (dead ones in the yard)

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