Lauren's Graduation Trip
June 2005
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(Pictures from the College of Ocean and Fishier Sciences Graduation)

Quick stop in Las Vegas

ZION:  the most gorgeous place on earth
(I wanna go back!)




Lake Powel - Waters fine, rocks are cool
and we had a house boat!






Rainbow Bridge - Largest freestanding natural rock formation
(also at lake Powel)

The Lowell Observatory
(where they discovered Pluto)


Cool mansion in Flagstaff
(forgot the name)


I hear it does weird things to you
( act like naked women statues)


The Grand Canyon!
Helicopter rides and much climbing was had about tired






Meteor Crater
aka ANOTHER hole in the ground
Seemed to be the theme of the trip...



Hover Dam
Got up to 110; hottest I have ever been,
never want to go back.



Back to Las Vegas!


The End.