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2006 Spring Pictures
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Leslie's OSU Graduation and commissioning
June 16th-18th,  2006

Heading to Sociology Reception Leslie talking about where she is heading Commissioning color guard Speeches
Leslie getting up to take her oath Leslie Taking her oath The family pining on her new ranks The family with their 2nd Lieutenant Air Forcer Officer Leslie and J
Papa and his 'baby' *yeah* The empty field
(OSU Graduation)
The Ps Waiting...
The field filling up More speeches Leslie taking the oath - again  (she is in the front) Leslie Shaking hands & getting her diploma the Color Guard
the HUGE crowd *yeah* sibs

University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography Campus (Narragansett, RI)
June 2006

Narragansett towers sunset from the campus Tim being cute self portrait little tour: campus entrance
Physical Oceanography building PO building again admin building Biology building the view from the cafeteria

Tim's UW Graduation
June 10th, 2006

Math Graduation Reception
chillin with Ŝiva
The empty field The Graduates lining up Tim walking onto the field
The wave cool panoramic
(thanks Xtine)
So many people! Tim walking up to get his diploma holder
(they mail you the diploma later)


All Campus Croquet 2006

Trophies for the tournament "I'm comin' back" breaking mallets via roquet Tim very close to winning his first round match

Dining Out & Horse Back Riding
May 5th & 6th

Leslie setting up Leslie & Mike Da Fam Mike > Leslie > Robin > J Leslie at the horse place
Horse back riding on the beach Me > Mike > Leslie

Silver Falls State Park
May 4th, 2006

Big trees Fall #1 from the top (w/ bridge) Fall #1 Fall #1
Me and Papa under Fall #1 in cool little cave Fall #1 My Parents on a bridge Me and Papa under Fall #2
Fall #2 Mama under Fall #2 Fall #2 Mama, Papa, and Baby at Fall #2

UAF Trip
April 30th - May 2nd

Palmer Mts Denali foothill "the summit" uh... more Mts
Nenana Ice classic - da Ps Nenana Ice classic - close up Nenana Ice classic - Me ...Childhood memories
IARC view

Cea's Funeral Reception (at her house)
April 29th 2006

Family picture #1 Family picture #2 Family picture #3 Pictures of Pictures
Flowers from the funeral for Cea

Tim's 23rd Birthday

Pineapple-upside-down cake  (Cake #1) Supprise Party!!
(w/ Cake #2)
Normal party,
Cake #3
Family Party,
Cake #4
Opening Presents in West Linn
DVD player & nice clothes! le cat the young vs the Dad Taking on the wall Us

Easter Weekends, 2006

Painting Eggs with Leslie (weekend before Easter) Our sweet eggs
Shot glass checkers ...it wasn't a good game for Kellen Tim: When are you going to start? The struggle...
Top of the Space Needle The view from the top After Dinner
Wondering around Down Town...  (such a great day!) At Pikes Place My pretty flowers!!

Engagement Party
Jon & Emerald's house; April 1st

the Party outside Coy protectively clutching his balls *yeah we got a vacuum* Opening lots of presents
Jon (w/ Arianna)  Casey & Emerald close to far:
David > Rebecca > Beth > Kellen
Can we take her too? pooped

Engagement Pictures
March 31th


Hanging with my Girl Friends
March 26th

Texas Trip
March 18th-24th

The Frisbee Golf starting pad...
in a puddle
Trying to find Rob's Frisbee Tim got a hole in one!!! ...and then threw his Frisbee into a grassy puddle ...and then into a swampy puddle
Tim hiding in tulips ...this is for Leslie Manicured hedges
(We don't need to go to Versie anymore!)
Fancy Deckers
Cute cottage Surprise! Framed! Tim finding more ponds ;) Chillin at the Texas homstead
the whole group the Library Painting More Painting and Tall Painting

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