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2005 Fall Pictures
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Cook Parties!!
December 12 & 13th 2005

hehehehe HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH hehehe, serves her right... for trying to wash off her face... the UNPLANNED ATTACK
totally not fair...
Moving over to Rebecca's... COOKIES Aren't they cute... so much sugar
I want to make a puzzle out of this picture ...death to cookie? Rebecca's Mom getting into it

The Jingle Bell run - Downtown Seattle
December 11, 2005

And we are off!!  They made you start by going up a LONG hill :-( We ran on the express way - so strange, so crowded ok... we gave up less than a K from the end
(but it was another really big hill)
It did end up being the only non-blurry picture taken during the race.
At least we were in front of people :) After the race, drinking water and stretching

Getting Engaged...  November 26th
(a look at the sparkly part)

the Engagement Ring ...a zoom

Thanksgiving 2005

Leslie and I at our T-day Celebration Fredrick, the 16lb turkey for two people Leslie Carving Fredrick Card Making!!


It's a Boy!  Steff & Kyle's new baby Alexander
Born 11-11-2005  11:39AM
9lb; 19.5inches

Crim and her new bro - Alex Mom (Steff) and Alex Dad (Kyle) and the new one oh so cute!


the Adventures of CURLING

  Rebecca at the ready...  it's ME, and I'm CURLING  Picture from the second floor of the people after us again from the second floor, a more different view

Camping at Kayak Point
September 24, 2005

ohhhhhh, FIRE!
and a totally cute guy cooking food.
The lookout
"I think I see land captain!"
I donno, Tim just wanted to take a picture of this
...always climbing stuff
...and always looking cute doing it
Walking down from the camp site to the beach